In 1992, I placed a personals ad in the newspaper. I was 21 years old at the time, in my second year of university and had just started the process of coming out. In total, I received around 25 responses. I met a handful of guys, all nice enough, but there were no love connections. I never met 13 of the respondents, for a variety of reasons. When I recently came across the letters while cleaning out a box, I thought, “Maybe there’s a reason I hung onto them.” So, 27 years later, I’ve written replies to those 13 respondents.

Box 4901 made its debut as part of the 2018 SummerWorks Festival. It was directed by Rob Kempson and featured the talents of a phenomenal cast and crew. NOW magazine gave it 5 Ns and said it was…”essential” and The Globe and Mail called it a “knockout show.”

I’m happy to share that Box 4901 will be part of the 19/20 season at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre from Feb 27 to March 8, 2020. More info.

Much gratitude to Rob Kempson and Stacey Norton as well as Sandra Henderson, Lucy McPhee, Brandon Kleiman, Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski and Cosette Pin. And thank you to the incredible cast: Bilal Baig, Hume Baugh, Keith Cole, Izad Etemadi, Daniel Krolik, Michael Hughes, Tsholo Khalema, Eric Morin, G. Kyle Shields, Chy Ryan Spain, Jonathan Tan, Chris Tsujiuchi and Geoffrey Whynot.